Yoga on the Moon and Beyond – Joel Goldman

Yoga on the Moon and Beyond

Congratulations! You’re holding the world’s first off-planet yoga manual! And believe it or not, this book contains over five new schools of yoga that were single-handedly discovered by Joel Goldman while staring at the cosmos one evening. From life aboard the International Space Station today to the forthcoming manned missions to the moon and Mars, mankind is moving out into space and adjusting to different ways of life outside Earth’s environment. Goldman explores extraterrestrial travel and shows that not only can yoga help us adjust to it, but that the frontiers of yoga can be pioneered outside the confines of gravity. Whether you’re a budding astronaut new to yoga, or a budding yogi new to space, this is the book for you! Anyone curious about both will enjoy this humorous and enthusiastic journey into near-orbit, the near future, and beyond! Joel Goldman’s interest in space missions and comedy began early in life. He first studied yoga while traveling in Nepal during college, and his fascination with it drew him back to India soon after. Unable to decide between yoga and space, he became a chiropractor instead. Goldman is working on a number of sequels to this work including: Martial Arts on the Moon and Beyond, Golf on the Moon and Beyond, and SCUBA diving on the Moon and Beyond.For now, though, he’s busy cleaning his telescope so he can get a better handle on what’s going on out there.

Author: Joel Goldman
ISBN: 9781598588460
Pages: 60 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 29.36 Mb


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