Reconnecting with Your Inner Caveman – Mick Reade

Reconnecting with Your Inner Caveman

An entertaining and educational introduction to the Paleo diet, Reconnecting With Your Inner Caveman tells the story of how the Agricultural Revolution caused us to lose our way, and what we can do to get back to the peak of our health, like our ancient Paleo ancestors enjoyed. Take a short walk through millions of years of human genetic evolution, as this story will charm and entertain you, and most importantly inform you in practical ways of how to live like a modern hunter-gatherer, with Paleo recipes and actions you can take immediately to start to lose weight, improve your energy, and get your health back! Our modern lifestyle has provided comfort and convenience to many of us, but at what cost? Health is the most important thing any of us has, but our modern lifestyle has put a huge amount of stress on our health in the form of obesity, and illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more. Forget what you thought you knew about eating healthy and staying fit. With the help of painstaking research based on scientific evidence, you’ll be able to stop the fad yo-yo diets and “chronic cardio” exercise, build a routine that fits naturally into your genetic make-up, lose weight, gain energy and reduce the risk of disease… forever! Human evolution peaked during the Paleolithic Era about 10,000 years ago, right before the Agricultural Revolution came along and sent a shockwave through our system, but you can now discover how to reconnect with your inner caveman, and get back to the peak of your health for good!

Author: Mick Reade
ISBN: 9781475068733
Pages: 76 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 13.40 Mb


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