Young Skin Diet – Michelle Lee

Young Skin Diet

This book is the product of author Michelle Lees survey of thousands of peer-reviewed nutrition studies, which she investigated to understand the relationship between the foods we eat and the youthfulness and quality of our skin. The book sets forth the results of Ms Lees research, delineating six principles for healthy eating to support our skin; practical steps to make healthy eating sustainable in our lives; and meal plans, over 75 recipes and skin treatments shown to be effective at delivering proper nutrition to our skin. The book provides beautiful and inspiring full-colour photographs of recipes, allowing readers to understand the simplicity of ingredients and how prepared dishes should appear. The photographs further demonstrate that eating healthy can be delicious and enjoyable. The Young Skin Diet plan is directed at reducing skin inflammation, boosting collagen and elastin levels, enhancing tone and consistency, improving smoothness and ensuring suppleness to the touch. All of which is designed to produce young-looking, radiant skin. At its core, the guiding philosophy of The Young Skin Diet is that, for a diet plan to be helpful, it must be grounded in science; offer actionable advice; generate results; and be sustainable as a part of everyday life. The Young Skin Diet is engineered with this philosophy in mind, translating cutting-edge scientific research into results-oriented action plans that are easily integrated into even the busiest schedules. In addition to her training in economics, which she uses to cut through empirical nutrition research, Ms. Lee brings her experience creating delicious and healthy recipes to bear in The Young Skin Diet. As author of the exceptional, upscale (Gluten Free & More Magazine) and adventurous (Publishers Weekly) cookbook Living Luxe Gluten Free, Ms. Lee has a wealth of experience transforming healthy ingredients into delicious meals. This unique combination of analytical muscle and culinary artistry makes The Young Skin Diet both edifying to read and gratifying to follow.

Author: Michelle Lee
ISBN: 9780990881728
Pages: 288 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 10.14 Mb


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