99 Ways to Lose Weight : Without Losing Your Mind! – Mrs Body Mechanic

99 Ways to Lose Weight : Without Losing Your Mind!

Want to lose weight without losing your sanity? Are you tired of wading through the current weight loss books only to discover they each recommend totally different diets? Does the thought of spending a small fortune every month on prepackaged diet meals leave you…well…hungry for a less expensive alternative? Meet Donna Gifford, aka Mrs. Body Mechanic, a former chronic yo yo dieter! She is a 45 year old mother of five (4 c-sections!) and a certified personal fitness trainer and nutritional specialist who has spent the last 25+ years collecting tips and info to make her own weight loss journey smoother (she’s lost 70 pounds and maintained her weight loss since 2005). Now a weight loss strategist, personal trainer, and group fitness trainer, she hopes to make the road even smoother for others! Says Mrs. Body Mechanic, “If I can do it, you can do it!”

Author: Mrs Body Mechanic
ISBN: 9781456060695
Pages: 156 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 28.10 Mb


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