How to Gain Muscle : Three Manuscripts: Strength Training Program 101 + Strength Training Nutrition 101 + Meal Prep Recipe Book – Marc McLean

How to Gain Muscle : Three Manuscripts: Strength Training Program 101 + Strength Training Nutrition 101 + Meal Prep Recipe Book

Want to learn how to gain muscle fast …even if you’ve failed in the past? You CAN if you use the right strength training exercises, the correct sustainable nutritional approach, and back it all up with consistency. How To Gain Muscle is a special combo of three top-selling books in one written by online personal training and nutrition coach, and health and fitness author, Marc McLean. With almost two decades worth of experience in strength training and owner of Weight Training Is The Way, Marc can show you how to build muscle mass and develop a lean, awesome body to be proud of. Three of his popular books have been compiled into this single special edition title as a comprehensive guide to weight training in the gym, good nutrition out of it, and how to achieve your health and fitness goals. The books are: – Strength Training Program 101: Build Muscle & Burn Fat…In Less Than 3 Hours Per Week; – Strength Training Nutrition 101: Build Muscle & Burn Fat Easily…A Healthy Way Of Eating You Can Actually Maintain; – Meal Prep Recipe Book: 50 Simple Recipes For Health & Fitness Nuts. The first book is the ultimate guide to the most effective strength training exercises…the best barbell and dumbbell exercises are all here. Best of all, they’re backed with the author’s top training strategies and tips for delivering best results. Unlike other gym books that simply display a handful of strength training workouts, this one also shows you how to create your own training programs easily. Book two is a sensible, manageable nutrition guide for men and women who lift weights (or others who generally want to improve their diet and overall health). Strength Training Nutrition 101 is not about choosing one diet over another. It’s not filled with complicated bodybuilding nutrition advice or eating plans that are too hard to maintain. It’s about getting all the important stuff right and building a solid nutritional foundation for sculpting a lean, athletic, awesome physique. It’s also not about depriving you of food you love and eating chicken and broccoli 8 days per week. The bottom line is that sticking with good nutrition should not be hard work. It should be easy to follow, manageable, and never actually feel like a ‘diet’. The author shares practical advice on how to simplify the way you eat and his nutritional strategies for muscle growth and getting in the best shape of your life. A big part of good nutrition is cooking from fresh – but what if you’re a crappy cook? Don’t worry, also included in this How To Gain Muscle special edition is Meal Prep Recipe Book: 50 Simple Recipes For Health & Fitness Nuts. It is packed with the healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, power shakes and snacks that the author devours every week and uses with personal training clients. All simple to make, most are ready in less than 30 mins…and every one of them are ridiculously tasty. Every recipe also comes with a nutritional guide to help you keep track of calories, protein, carbs and fats – if you choose to. If you’ve been searching for various strength training books, trying to educate yourself on training, nutrition, supplements, healthy recipes, then you can stop that search. It’s all here in one special edition! -BONUS E-BOOKS FOR ALL READERS * A special exercise demo guide and supplements report is also available for free to every reader. These will help you become a master at all the top exercises, and will also give details of the all-natural supplements the author uses to boost performance in the gym, develop muscle and maintain optimal health.

Author: Marc McLean
ISBN: 9781548717667
Pages: 250 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 21.53 Mb


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