Minerals in Animal and Human Nutrition – L. R. McDowell

Minerals in Animal and Human Nutrition

This comprehensive textbook and reference manual presents concise, up-to-date information on mineral nutrition for livestock and poultry, as well as comparative aspects with laboratory animals and humans. Chapters are organized by established and most common minerals, and present information on each mineral’s history, properties, distribution, and natural sources, as well as their requirements, metabolism, functions, deficiencies, supplementation methods, and toxicity for various animals. Those minerals for which naturally occurring deficiencies or excesses are known to be of economic importance are emphasized. A unique feature of this book is the description of the practical implications of mineral deficiencies and excesses, and of the conditions that might result. A large number of classic photographs illustrate mineral deficiencies and toxicities in farm livestock, laboratory animals and humans. Furthermore, it places strong emphasis on mineral supplementation in each chapter, and devotes an entire chapter to this subject.

Author: L. R. McDowell
ISBN: 9780444513670
Pages: 660 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 12.99 Mb


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