Keto Mistakes That Fail You and How to Make It Right : Plus 7 Delicious Ketogenic Recipes You Will Crave (Goof Buster Series Book 1) – Sam Spotter

Keto Mistakes That Fail You and How to Make It Right : Plus 7 Delicious Ketogenic Recipes You Will Crave (Goof Buster Series Book 1)

There is a buzz going around regarding ketogenic diet as an effective diet regime for weight loss. Ketogenic diet is getting more and more popular because it has helped a lot of people lose weight, get more energy and become healthier. Not only has keto diet been proven to cause rapid weight loss, it has shown to improve diseases such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and even some types of cancers. Numerous other health benefits of keto diet include effective appetite suppressant, increased LDL (the “good”) cholesterol, reduced blood sugar level, reduced insulin level, improved type 2 diabetes status, lower blood pressure, reduced risk of brain disorder, better neurotic health and so on. Are you on keto diet but not losing weight? Are you having difficulty achieving ketosis even after 4-5 weeks of stringent effort? If so, you are not alone! There are a lot of common misconceptions that are going around regarding ketosis, reaching ketosis and ketogenic diet. Many people believe in these delusions too easily. This prevents them from reaping the full benefits of ketogenic lifestyle. This makes reaching ketosis way more complicated than it actually is. If you’ve fallen victim to any of these errors, there is still time to revert those errors. Don’t get demotivated and give up ketogenic diet because it did not work for you yet…because it really does work! Keto diet has caused thousands of people around the world lose fat by turning the body into a fat burning machine . In “Keto Mistakes That Fail You And How To Make It Right,” you will discover the most common mistakes that people make while implementing ketogenic diet and how you can stick to the correct approach. Here Is What’s Inside Why do some people give up on keto and how you can prevent that mistake? The burning proof of how high-carb low-fat diet has caused the outburst of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure to epidemic proportions. How the wrong diet plan endorsed by the government and health industry has been undermining public health for so long? How to combat the “keto flu” conveniently? Exercises- to do on not to do ? Do you need to look at calories while on keto? How can you maintain ketosis on long term ? What is the difference between ‘water-loss’ and ‘fat-loss’ ? Why there is no need to measure ketones extensively through frequent blood tests ? What to do about that crucial aspect of ‘social pressure’ ? Why do many people actually get addicted to ketogenic diet and don’t want to let go off of it even after the desired weight loss goals have been achieved ? And much more !”

Author: Sam Spotter
ISBN: 9781519352392
Pages: 44 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 26.45 Mb


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