Pranayama Yoga Asana : Control, Cultivate and Modify Your Inner Energy – Anand Gupta

Pranayama Yoga Asana : Control, Cultivate and Modify Your Inner Energy

Can I ask you for 30 minutes out of each day? Maybe, you are thinking that that 30 minutes could be better spent somewhere else, but here’s where I say, “No, this 30 minutes is worth more than just 30 minutes.” There is no doubt that we exist in a culture that disregards the growing trend of increased stress & anxiety, poor lifestyle choices, and sedentariness. We learn to look at ourselves and ask, “How much can you do for me?” rather than, “How can I help you work your best?” In this day and age, we live for our bodies, but not for our minds. People remind us to step back and take a breath, but why not go further than this empty adage by trying Pranayama, the yoga of breath? With just 30 minutes of each day, this wealth of benefits will come to be: -Increased concentration and awareness -Increased sense of stability between body and mind -Alleviation of the symptoms of stress, diabetes, hypertension, insomnia -Increased respiratory system functionality -Ability to stimulate and prevent overstimulation of emotions -And more! This book will talk about the components and benefits of Pranayama yoga in detail. Not only that, but it will also outline 5 different types of Pranayama Yoga that you can take advantage of, depending on what benefits you hope to obtain. I did neglect to tell you the biggest plus to practicing Pranayama Yoga-it is that it can be done anywhere and at any time… even now!

Author: Anand Gupta
ISBN: 9781522971320
Pages: 52 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 22.32 Mb


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