Foods That Combat Diabetes : The Nutritional Way to Wellness – Maggie Greenwood-Robinson

Foods That Combat Diabetes : The Nutritional Way to Wellness

Approximately 17 million Americans live with diabetes, a full 7 percent of the population. In recent years, huge strides have been made in the treatment of the disease, yet one method stands out from all the rest in its ease and effectiveness: food. This accessible guide offers many type-2 diabetes sufferers a natural and effective way to control the levels of insulin in their bodies without injections and medication-and helps those who are genetically or constitutionally at risk to avoid the disease. Everything you need is here: An easy-to-use nutrition counter covering more than 3,000 foods, broken down by their diabetes-fighting nutrients Detailed strategies for eating out or cooking in, with menus and mouth-watering recipes The latest research findings and answers to important health questions written in plain, easy-to-understand language And much more!

Author: Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
ISBN: 9780061346217
Pages: 304 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 13.37 Mb


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