One Body Massage : Stop and Touch Each Other – Grace Ku

One Body Massage : Stop and Touch Each Other

Google massage therapist Grace Ku believes that through massage we can all learn to communicate better with one another, and of course also learn to move deeper into dialogue with our own bodies. We can help each other to fend off the warping influence of stress, worry and fear, limit technological overreach into our psyches, and bring joyousness into our days. Fifteen years ago Grace spent long hours hunched over a computer monitor, like so many others in Silicon Valley, and ended up with more than her share of neck, eye, back and shoulder pain. She thought this was how life was supposed to be. Then she had an awakening and a shift in perspective that showed her life could be different: She could be relaxed, at peace with herself and comfortable in her own body, and she could work as a massage therapist to bring balance and contentment to others. Now in her first book, she pulls together lessons learned in her years of work as a Google massage therapist. This is a book, full of Grace’s beautiful artwork, that can help couples come together, not only through healing touch, but also through better communication and more balanced living.

Author: Grace Ku
ISBN: 9780986189807
Pages: 232 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 15.27 Mb


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