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Weekly Planner : The Smarter Method Weekly Planner for Life, Work, and Yoga.

It’s a new year and time to make those new year’s resolutions for keeps ! Do you want to keep track of eating healthy this new year? Do you want to learn how to better track your diet for weight loss management or plan to make this year’s job search or job opportunities more successful than the previous year? This Yoga Journal Planner is designed with several weekly pages. Space is provided for you to start your weekly planning anytime and stop anytime. At the beginning of each week, set your personal and professional goal using The SMARTER Method(TM). Use this checklist to define SMARTER Goals: Specificity Measurable Achievable Realistic Timed Enthusiasm Reason At the end of each week, there is a series of reflection questions to help you learn and unlearned from your experiences using The SMARTER method(TM). You can use the “Vision Page ” to draw your image of balance, tape images that bring you peace, and doodle for creativity. In addition to the planner, the journal entry is uniquely crafted to guide your yoga practice through systematic reflections. By writing about your yoga journey, you will become intuitive of the mind-body connection that can lead you to a balanced, peaceful, and healthy lifestyle. This journal also includes a quick reference guide of the descriptions of asana, mantra, mudras, chakras and meditation. Check out our uniquely crafted books and journals to help you explore the different dimensions of wellness, health, and life ‘interesting’ situations. With our reflective journals, you can become intuitive of the mind-body connection. May this experience lead you to a life filled with zen, energy, and purpose. If you have any questions or suggestions on reflective journals you’d like to be created to be your guide, please email to info@zenomixinstitute.com. Find more information about Zenergy Press work at ZenOmix Institute. www.zenomixinstitute.com

Author: Zenergy Press
ISBN: 9781981478279
Pages: 196 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 28.10 Mb


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