Essentials of Weightlifting & Strength Training – Mohamed F El-Hewie

Essentials of Weightlifting & Strength Training

Book Description Like the first edition, this second edition is intended to serve as a compendium of those aspects of Weightlifting and Weight-Training essential to the development of physical strength. A prominent feature of this book is the in-depth coverage of scientific and medical aspects of a forgotten sport. In this second edition, all efforts were made to revise the first edition and correct the typographical errors in spelling and grammar. The book Index and Glossary have been restructured more efficiently. In this edition, chapters six and seven, of the first edition, are consolidated into one chapter, with complete restructuring of the anatomical figures. The following two new chapters are added: Chapter seven –”Warm-up and Stretching” eases the difficulty of planning training without weight, prior to venturing into vigorous lifting. Chapter twenty one –”Performance Analysis”- immensely enhances the visual understanding of the dynamics of Weightlifting and the functional anatomy of the human body. It contains 395 impressive photographs of international Olympic weightlifters, beginning by Vasily Alxeev and Pyrros Dimas, and ending by Reza Zadeh. With colossal collections of annotated photographic art work, the second edition becomes a must have reference on weightlifting, athletic performance, human strife for glory, health, and graceful existence. The second edition adheres to the basic premise of the first edition of emphasizing axial training with vehement zeal. This is supported extensively by the hundreds of colorful photographs, drawings, and personal narrations. The very unique aspect of the second edition is the extensive elaboration on performance analysis of contemporary weightlifters by an engineer, physician, weightlifter, and math teacher.

Author: Mohamed F El-Hewie
ISBN: 9780971958197
Pages: 575 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 21.62 Mb


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