Start Strong, Finish Strong : Prescriptions for a Lifetime of Great Health – Kenneth H Cooper

Start Strong, Finish Strong : Prescriptions for a Lifetime of Great Health

For many people, growing old means gradually slowing down-losing strength, balance, and even mental clarity. But is this physical decline inevitable? “Absolutely not!” say the Coopers. Start Strong, Finish Strong is about living the life we all want-now and as we age. It’s about breaking free from chronic pain and nagging injuries. It’s about refusing to give up the activities we love and discovering new ones along the way. Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, the “father of aerobics” and the world’s leading authority on preventive medicine, joins forces with his son, Dr. Tyler C. Cooper. Together they give readers the tools to start strong and finish strong. Exercise is the primary way to keep our bodies strong, flexible, and vital, so it’s obviously a centerpiece to the plan. Other equally important components include the Coopers’ unique “gold-standard” annual medical exams that can pinpoint potential health problems before they get out of control; good food in healthy portions; a strategic approach to supplements; help with bad habits like smoking and substance abuse; and a well-developed mind-spirit practice. Readers who follow Dr. Ken and Dr. Tyler Cooper’s individualized, adjustable program can expect to feel younger with each passing year. The Coopers’ simple, intergenerational strategy for starting and finishing strong tackles obstacles that interfere with true fitness, gets to the root of common excuses, helps readers to identify special motivational “buttons” that will make them feel good as they get in shape, and explores the latest science that can enhance personal progress. Along the way, the Coopers bring their years of experience to readers with engaging case studies and stories.

Author: Kenneth H Cooper
ISBN: 9781583332825
Pages: 408 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 21.64 Mb


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