James Duigan’s Blueprint for Health : Lose Weight and Feel Better in 14 Days – James Duigan

James Duigan's Blueprint for Health : Lose Weight and Feel Better in 14 Days

The Complete Plan for Optimum Wellness From celebrity trainer and world-renowned health expert James Duigan comes this comprehensive, powerful guide to transforming your body. He begins by revealing the four fundamental pillars of health–MINDSET, NUTRITION, MOVEMENT, AND SLEEP–explaining their strategic importance and what you can do to strengthen them. He reveals how the new frontier of wellness is the mind then shares 80 nourishing and delicious recipes, more than 25 simple but hugely effective exercises, guided meditations, and inspiring affirmations to lead you toward balance and being truly kind to yourself. His essential 14-day plan for getting in shape will empower you not only to eat and look better but to think and feel better, too, thereby activating you to function at your highest level. This book will inspire you to become your best self, with a healthy, strong body and a zest for life.

Author: James Duigan
ISBN: 9781454928133
Pages: 224 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 11.02 Mb


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