The One & Only Right Diet : The Best Way to Burn Fat, Lose Weight and Build a Strong Body – James Green

The One & Only Right Diet : The Best Way to Burn Fat, Lose Weight and Build a Strong Body

Stop chasing the superfast diet! After all, quick results aren’t as important as long-term results! Being fat and motionless for a long time, I know the disgusting feelings-sadness in the eyes when you look at the problem areas in the mirror, scornful looks from the side, lack of attention from the opposite sex, low self-esteem, constant stress, and remorse. For a long time, I tried several different diets, starved, ate only fatty foods, or ate only protein foods. Yes, I have to admit, I had some successes. I lost 22 pounds or more. It seems that everything went well. But time after time, I rolled back, and my loss of 22 pounds turned into an increase of 33 pounds. All these super fast diets led to the nervous system breakdown. You cannot stop, and you again begin to overeat and gain weight. Yet, two years ago, with the help of my trainer in the gym, I tried a diet that gave me results of minus 35 pounds of fat in 2 months, and this was not a temporary result. I got myself in shape, and I have an excellent figure now. This was not a top-secret diet. I understood the right philosophy of nutrition and the laws of energy in our body. After that understanding, my life has changed. I started to help many of my friends and different people in problems with excess weight, and they also had good results. Now I’m engaged in dietetics and decided to share my successful experience in this short book. In it, you will learn: – If it possible to lose weight, and what the dangers of all super fast diets are – The main reason you gain weight and why we lose weight – If we can lose weight without training and sports? – Calorie calculation and individual setting of nutrition – A list of weight loss foods – How to get rid of belly fat – A detailed diet for men and women – A clear step-by-step weight loss plan I tried to write the very essence and exactly the ideas and principles that worked! In a short and understandable form, you finally learn what you need to do to lose weight, not only quickly, but for a long time! Enjoy reading! It’s time to say goodbye to excess fat!

Author: James Green
ISBN: 9781978335714
Pages: 32 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 10.79 Mb


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