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Paleo Diet : The Definitive Paleo Diet Collection

The Definitive Guide to the Paleo Diet For the first time, five of the very bestselling Paleo Diet books have been put together in one single collection. Representing a wealth of Paleo Diet knowledge, Paleo Diet – The Definitive Paleo Diet Collection contains something for everyone. We are want to make positive changes to our bodies. We all understand the benefits of losing weight and getting fit. It has a tremendous impact on us both physically and emotionally. But often the answers to how to make these positive changes elude us. The Paleo diet promotes a new healthy lifestyle, one that encourages a more primal and natural way for human beings to eat. By avoiding the processed foods and fast foods that provide little nutritional value and embracing more natural whole foods, one can see a tremendous change in weight and outlook. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to eat natural whole foods like meat and vegetables and feel great doing it. Plus having the added benefit of losing those last stubborn pounds. It is all possible with the Paleo diet. Paleo Diet – The Definitive Paleo Diet Collection contains the following books: Paleo Diet for Beginners – How to Begin Your Weight Loss Journey by Lindsay Sullivan Paleo Diet – Effective Dietary Strategies for Getting Fit and Healthy by Jessica A. Lowry Paleo Diet – Get the Body You Have Always Wanted with the Paleo Diet by Emily V. Steinhauser Paleo Diet – Lose Weight, Get Fit, and Regain Your Life with the Paleo Diet by Jeannie Lambert Raw Food Diet – Blast Fat, Lose Weight and Improve Your Life by Emily V. Steinhauser No longer do you have to search for answers to your Paleo diet questions. You can now find everything that you need to know in one handy place.

Author: Emily V Steinhauser
ISBN: 9781500938406
Pages: 188 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 16.31 Mb


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