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Ketogenic Lifestyle Guide : Maximize Health, Performance & Satisfaction

MORE INFO -> Intended Users: Everyone who wants to maximize health, performance and satisfaction. Beginners, experts, females, males, all ages, health enthusiasts, body builders, athletes, Navy SEALS, bikers, runners, swimmers, biohackers and longevity seekers. Also, those who have high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, inflammatory diseases, degeneration and cardio vascular problems. Reduces chronic inflammation, gets you burning cleaner fuel and off the insulin spike and slump roller coaster. Increases clarity and endurance. How to Do It: Easy to follow instructions are given to start and maintain an enjoyable ketogenic lifestyle for the rest of your life. FEND RULE: Menus and recipes follow my FEND RULE: Fast, Easy, Nutritious & Delicious. WARNING: Many think they are in nutritional ketosis when they are not. To get the health, performance and satisfaction benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle, you must always be in nutritional ketosis and you must follow the principles and monitor. Not doing these is harmful for your health. The Ketogenic Lifestyle Guide explains how to do it. Just avoiding foods on a Bad Food list and eating foods on a Good Food list does not get you the ketogenic lifestyle benefits. Just eating low carb high fat (LCHF) or eating Atkins or eating Paleo, does not get you the ketogenic lifestyle benefits. Too low personal protein amount or too high personal protein amount keeps you from the ketogenic lifestyle benefits. Just eating from recipes with percentages of carb, protein and fat found in online diet plans and books does not get you the ketogenic lifestyle benefits. Many have no macros or have wrong macros. Personal Diet & Lifestyle: You must personalize your diet, determine your preferred weight from within an ideal range, stay within your personal macros (below carb maximum, protein within minimum and maximum, fat to fill out calories) and monitor to make sure you are always in ketosis. The Ketogenic Lifestyle Guide gives clear instructions to achieve these goals. Menu Macro Generator: Gives an accurate way to determine food, recipe and menus macros to insure you are staying within your daily macros. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Aging and Death Can’t Be Cured: But they can be put in remission. The Guide explains why they can’t be cured. Science: The Guide provides science supporting nutritional ketosis so you will have valid reasons for everything you put in your mouth. Thirty Eight Principles Explained: You must follow them to achieve maximum health, performance and satisfaction. This is not a reducing diet, although you will reach your preferred (ideal) weight and easily stay there. Standard of Care & Standard American Diet: Explains why these are dangerous for your health. Story: See our story, putting our recurrent cancer and Alzheimer’s in remission, at

Author: Dr Frank H Beal
ISBN: 9781548859350
Pages: 196 pages
Format: PDF
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