The Skinny Delicious Bible – Beran Parry

The Skinny Delicious Bible

Skinny Delicious – the smart genetic way to enjoy fabulous food and lose weight at the same time. The tastiest way to boost your health, increase your energy levels and put a smile on your face. Life just got a whole lot easier and a whole lot tastier! No more fads and fashion foods. Now you’ve got everything you need to get your weight firmly back under control – plus all the nutritional breakthroughs your body has been waiting for. But what if you could get all the life-changing info on the Skinny Delicious Method PLUS a mouth-watering collection of super recipes and meal-planners PLUS a focused edition of the magical method of Skinny Delicious custom-designed to get you through the holidays? What if you could get all three titles in just one amazing bundle? That means all three revised books – all for the price of one? It’s available for you right now. Research has highlighted the way our bodies digest and respond to different food types. The fact is that the modern diet of highly processed food has sparked an epidemic of obesity that’s slowly killing millions of people and degrading the quality of their lives. The answer to this distressing condition can be traced mainly to our digestive systems and the kind of fuel we put into our gut. Science has revealed the most natural way to support a balanced, healthy and efficient digestive system and this is one of the foundation platforms of the Skinny Delicious Method. Thanks to the pioneering research of Functional Medicine, we now understand the importance of a healthy, natural diet as a powerful mechanism for effective weight loss and for supporting a much healthier and disease-resistant body. The changes can be truly remarkable because the Skinny Delicious Method totally respects the way that our bodies have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. The most natural food, harnessed for your benefit and crafted into a life-enhancing collection of delicious recipes, will make mealtimes a truly tasty experience and your body will thank you every day for the rest of your life. All three revised titles can be downloaded right now for the amazing price of one book. But hurry! The offer won’t last long. This is your chance to get all three books in a super convenient bundle at an amazing price. Click on the button and get your life-changing bundle of Skinny Delicious good news right now.

Author: Beran Parry
ISBN: 9781540665843
Pages: 418 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 24.92 Mb

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