The Happy Healthy Dieter – Dr Paulette Sedlak

The Happy Healthy Dieter

Nutritional Strategies for The Happy Healthy Dieter is the proven five-step anti-diet solution to permanent weight loss without feeling hungry. The Happy Healthy Dieter is designed to making dieting easy and successful. How to become a happy and healthy dieter. How to be a successful dieter. Preparing for a diet within your mind. Preparing your body for a diet. No dieting insider weight loss secrets. Enhance digestion for weight loss. Foods that trigger fat burning. How to boost your metabolism. How to decrease fat-storing hormones. How to enhance fat-burning hormones. How to lose weight without being hungry. Feeling full but still losing weight. How to stop worrying about weight affecting health. Regaining energy. How to have a positive attitude about life. How to feel and look great in my clothes. How to have self-confidence around my friends and family.

Author: Dr Paulette Sedlak
ISBN: 9781498429627
Pages: 288 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 28.41 Mb


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