Consistent Eating – Mr Billy Craig

Consistent Eating

On average, it is suggested that UK dieters will start and fail four diets per year, possibly losing some weight, before they start gaining the weight back again. In most cases, the dieter blames themselves for having weak willpower, or the diet is labelled ineffective before the dieter moves on seeking the next diet that promises to end the suffering. Consistent Eating looks at why people fail to adhere to the dietary goals set out for them. Looking at the biological and psychological aspects of human metabolism, we consider whether these undisciplined dropouts are in fact, brave and untameable individuals, who while they may not even consciously understand why, are merely ensuring their survival. People who cannot ignore the innate physical and psychological cues that seek to guide our appetite and balance our energy needs. People who can not be restrained and manipulated to adhere to a set of behaviours and restrictions that leave them both starved and fatigued.The psychological damage to these people however, is that with each failed diet under their belt, they feel a sense of failure, when in fact, it is the dieting culture that has failed them. Consistent Eating uncovers what happens as we engage in dieting, looking at the compensatory behaviours we engage in, the highs and lows of restriction, how our bodies ensure vital function is maintained, and the mechanisms that seek to protect brain metabolism. Culminating in the controversial question of whether, as a final act to protect us, the brain compartmentalises and shuts down areas such as memory, so that energy is available for more essential functions. Investigating and unpicking the dietary dogma that has been instilled in us by clever marketing – – eat less, move more.

Author: Mr Billy Craig
ISBN: 9781507543252
Pages: 216 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 22.53 Mb


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