Help Yourself to Seconds – Michelle Vodrazka

Help Yourself to Seconds

Help Yourself to Seconds is so much more than just a cookbook. It’s a guide to help you fuel your body in the most tangible, healthful, and effective way possible. Learn how easy it can be to cook with healthy, nutrient-dense foods without sacrificing any of the flavour. With over 120 gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free recipes and beautiful colour photographs you will want to display this book on your coffee table. Packed with mouth-watering, delicious recipes like the Java Chip Smoothie, the Cilantro Lime Quinoa Bowl, Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa, Banana Chia Doughnuts, and Lemon Drop Energy Balls, this cookbook is sure to become a staple in your kitchen. Featuring: Over 120 gluten-free and dairy-free recipes Guidelines for setting your kitchen up for success Time-saving tips for making meal prep short n’ sweet Done-for-your menu planning guides and templates Best tips and tricks for stimulating your metabolism Suggestions on how to create healthy habits that stick In her newest book, Michelle shares: How to eat so that you never have to count a single calorie again How to cook simple, delicious and nutritious meals in minutes Which foods to eat for optimal health and well-being Which common grocery store foods could be harming your health The best fat loss tips to help kick start your metabolism The biggest mistakes most people make when trying to lose weight How to balance your blood sugar and avoid the dreaded mid-afternoon crash What tools you need to make meal prep easy How to overcome cravings for sugar and addictions to certain foods How to let go of old habits and create healthier ones

Author: Michelle Vodrazka
ISBN: 9780994750501
Pages: 304 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 28.26 Mb


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