Astrology Sex Diet – Ariella Moonstone

Astrology Sex Diet

Imagine…having incredible sex, the perfect body and feeling completely satisfied with yourself and your life. The Astrology Sex Diet is not simply some enthusiast’s opinion. This is a carefully constructed outline put together by a well qualified team of educated professionals. Together, astrologist Ariella Moonstone, psychologist Vivian Woodley, MA, MFT and nutritionist Ray Dabar, CN uncover the compelling link between astrology, sex and diet in this groundbreaking book. The authors have taken great care to create The Astrology Sex Diet in such a way that it makes sense to both experts and novices. The book offers easy to understand explanations of why nutrition and sexuality are now being linked to astrology. You’ll be astounded by the practical, useful and sometimes daring suggestions on how to live your life according to your specific sun sign. You’re guaranteed to be nodding your head and saying, “OMG! That’s me!” as you read each page. The Astrology Sex Diet will help you discover the perfect diet for your specific sign of the zodiac as well as what sexual inclinations are most pleasing to you. You’ll also gain insight as to what your partner or potential partner likes. This is your handbook for maintaining your figure as well as your relationship. Informative, fun and tastefully naughty.

Author: Ariella Moonstone
ISBN: 9780996882668
Format: PDF
Size: 11.18 Mb


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