King Squat : Rise to Power – MR Dave Yarnell

King Squat : Rise to Power

Learn how the squat became the “King” of strength exercises during the twentieth century, with loads of routines from Old School greats to present day gurus. This 337 pg. book is filled with text and illustrations on squat variations, equipment, methods used over the last century, as well as lots of additional strength building basics for the entire body. Learn secrets from Milo Steinborn to Louie Simmons and including a host of others in between. Have you been lead to think the good old fashioned barbell squat is unnecessary and that it has been replaced by the leg press or some machine? That it is dangerous or unproductive If so, You have been MISLED!! The squat has been & remains the KING of all strength building & Mass Building exercises, bar none! Want to learn the ULTIMATE hard gainer routine that enabled Peary Rader to go from a 128 pound, 5 foot 10″ weakling to National Weightlifting Champion Even if you are an ectomorph type and have struggled to gain even a pound, this program will pack on the quality pounds of muscle you have been dreaming of! Here is a quote from Mr. Rader about his experiences with this program: ” I gained 10 pounds of good muscle the first month. Not much, perhaps, by today’s standards, but a lot for a fellow who hadn’t been able to gain a pound for years and in fact was even too weak and run down to hold down a job for any length of time. In two years I gained 70 pounds of bodyweight.” This is just one of the many training programs included in this incredible publication, but this one alone is more than worth the download price. Ever wonder how Paul Anderson developed the most powerful DRUG FREE RAW SQUAT in History? This book is loaded with actual routines that big Paul used!! Learn how the original Westside Barbell crew incorporated the box squat, the conventional squat and the “high Deadlift” to produce champion weightlifters, bodybuilders, powerlifters and Track & Field athletes of the highest caliber! Men like Bill West, Pat Casey, Joe DiMarco, George Frenn, Superstar Billy Graham, and many more!! Learn how to incorporate the squat into your training program whether you are traiuing for bulk, speed, strength or to improve over-all body power for any sport. Besides the reams of squat programs and training tips from men like Mark Berry, Peary Rader, J.C. Hise, Paul Anderson, Tom Platz and Fred Hatfield, there are more programs and tips on deadlifting, bench pressing, shrugs and much more. Check out the Dungeon Gym that one of the best deadlifters in history ( if not the best pound for pound) trained in and the special DIY equipment and techniques he used to deadlift over 725 pounds at a bodyweight of 181 before steroids existed! Learn why the Old School guys like Milo Steinborn, Bob Peoples, Mark Berry, and George Hackenschmidt DIDN’T NEED DRUGS to get massively strong, with a minimum of equipment at their disposal! Some reader comments: Fred Hatfield said: “Wow Dave! A pretty monumental work! Congratulations! ” Zach Even-Esh said: “I DIG what I see thus far, all the old school stuff I LOVE!”

Author: MR Dave Yarnell
ISBN: 9781453750759
Pages: 338 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 15.56 Mb


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