The Bullworker 90 Course : The Complete 90-Day/12-Week Bullworker Training Course – Brian Sterling-Vete

The Bullworker 90 Course : The Complete 90-Day/12-Week Bullworker Training Course

The Bullworker 90(TM) Course is the essential 90-day/12-week course for all Bullworker(R) users, and it’s the companion book to The Bullworker Bible(TM) The Bullworker 90(TM) Course is approved by the makers, and distributors of The Bullworker, at The Bullworker 90(TM) is a 400+ page, science-based, user-friendly, step-by-step course designed to increase strength, fitness, grow muscle, body-build, and increase power over a 90-day/12-week period. The Bullworker 90(TM) Course is a detailed exercise plan which progressively increases in intensity, as the days and weeks progress. New exercises are added almost every week, with complete routine changes every two weeks. Each week has a detailed note section, together with suggestions about exercise days, and rest times etc., so that you know exactly what to do, and when to do it. Step-by-step, week-by-week instruction Progressively increasing intensity over 90 days Routine changes every two weeks Isotonic and Isometric exercise combinations Multi-angle isometric exercise combinations The Bullworker 90(TM) Course is designed by the authors of The Bullworker Bible(TM), and can be used with the Bullworker(R) Classic, the Steel Bow(R), the Bullworker X5, the Bully Extreme, the ISO 7x, and the Bullworker X7. The Bullworker 90(TM) Course also contains alternative/extra exercises which incorporate the use of the Iso-Bow(R), and the Bow Extension(R), that can be used with all Bullworker-type exercisers to increase the range and effectiveness of the device. Required Equipment: A Bullworker(R) Classic, or a similar device Recommended Additional Equipment: Steel Bow(R), Bow Extension(R) kit, 2 x Iso-Bows(R)

Author: Brian Sterling-Vete
ISBN: 9781979216081
Pages: 462 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 16.58 Mb


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