Lollipops, Chocolate, Donuts, or Cake? – Dr Daniel Materna

Lollipops, Chocolate, Donuts, or Cake?

“Lollipops, Chocolate, Donuts, or Cake?” Eating is fun, but what you don’t know is the trouble it can make,” says Dr. Daniel Materna’s son Ryan. The book, with colored illustrations by Ryan and his sister Joslyn, poetically tells the story in a whimsical fashion about the pleasures and problems eating can entail. In the end, the poem highlights a specific recipe to solve eating troubles that both children and adults can savor. The book is fun, entertaining, and surprisingly effective in highlighting solutions to even the most serious of eating disorders. Enjoy!

Author: Dr Daniel Materna
ISBN: 9781468178654
Pages: 40 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 23.60 Mb


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