Anatomy & 100 Stretching Exercises for Cycling – Guillermo Seijas Albir

Anatomy & 100 Stretching Exercises for Cycling

From the occasional rider to the high-performance athlete, everyone can benefit from knowledge about biomechanics, ergonomics, stretching techniques, and more. Discover guidelines and advice designed to help bicycle enthusiasts improve their safety and performance. Beginners and advanced cyclists alike will find: Instructions on adjusting bicycles to fit their specific bodies for greater comfort, speed, endurance, and performanceKnowledge about the biomechanics of cycling, including the anatomical descriptions of the muscle groups involved in pedaling, and the importance of holding the correct position over the bike86 specific stretches to help cyclists achieve optimal performance14 stretches on the bicycle to delay the onset of muscle fatigue and avoid discomfort due to prolonged cyclingEquipment and security essentialsThe basic history and evolution of the bicycleIncludes detailed explanations, full color photographs and illustrations, plus step-by-step descriptions of each exercise and technique. Cyclists will love learning how to improve their form–and perform to the max–with every pedal stroke.

Author: Guillermo Seijas Albir
ISBN: 9781438008585
Pages: 152 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 16.81 Mb


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