Burn the Blubber : How to Lose Belly Fat Fast, and for Good! – Robert Dave Johnston

Burn the Blubber : How to Lose Belly Fat Fast, and for Good!

In, Burn the Blubber – How to Lose Belly Fat Fast, And For Good!, author “Robert Dave Johnston” gives you an in-depth look at the causes of belly fat, the health implications and a comprehensive list of tips, techniques and lifestyle changes that can help you get rid of that spare tire once and for all. The author outlines thought, behavior and external changes that helped him overcome 20 + years of obesity and binge eating as well as lose more than 100 pounds, which he has now kept off for 12 years. Topics include, measuring body fat and assessing where you are, creating a definite fat loss goal, getting active, handling emotions and urges to overeat, portion control, dietary changes, list of banned foods, addressing the internal world of thoughts and belief systems, the amazing power of ‘daily fasting’ and numerous other tips and techniques to promote belly fat loss. Even though losing belly fat can be challenging, the author presents the material in a point-by-point format that is detailed and easy to understand. If you are looking for a guide to help you make the lifestyle changes needed to achieve long-term fat loss, this book will prove itself to be a very useful addition to your library.

Author: Robert Dave Johnston
ISBN: 9781497333444
Pages: 144 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 27.13 Mb


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