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Binge Eating Cure : 5-In-1 Bundle

Discover How to Cure your Binge Eating Addiction Once and for All! 5 Books in 1!!! ________________________________________ Before you read any further, answer these simple questions: -Have you grown tired of failed attempt after attempt to rid yourself of your binge eating addiction? -Do you ever wonder if there is any other way to have a happier, healthier more fulfilling relationship with food? -Have you been dreaming of living your life totally free of the negative emotions and self-perceptions that come with this soul-sucking disorder? If you answered “yes” to at least one of the above questions, then this 5-book-bundle is just what you need to get informed, grow confident, and take the steps necessary to get exactly what you want out of your life and your relationship with food! Binge Eating Cure: 5-in-1 Bundle contains five power-packed books chuck full of solutions to attack your binge eating problem from every angle imaginable! In between these pages, you will discover hidden secrets that regular run-of-the mill websites and advice columns don’t tell you. You will learn different techniques to help you create a plan that you can stick to in virtually any situation. You will acquire a set of tools that will help keep you from slipping off-track, while giving you the motivation to pick yourself right back up again if you just so happen to backslide because after all, nobody is perfect! ________________________________________ In addition to general Binge Eating solutions, in this power pack you will discover: -What are some turbo-charged tips for detoxing from sugar? -How can I get over my long-standing addiction to fast food? -Is it plausible that Intermittent Fasting can help me curb my unhealthy cravings? -What can Intuitive Eating teach me about Binge Control? -And much, much more! So what are you waiting for? Take action, not now, but right now, and grab this exciting roadmap to curing binge eating once and for all!

Author: Lisa P Simms
ISBN: 9781534990401
Pages: 200 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 11.22 Mb


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