Big Fat Lies : The Truth about Obesity, Disease and Health – Joey Lott

Big Fat Lies : The Truth about Obesity, Disease and Health

Fat is Bad…Right? As a society, we now have a new form of sanctioned bigotry: fat intolerance. We’re told over and over again that more people worldwide are fatter than ever before in history and that’s a huge problem! Why? Simply because “fat is bad.” There’s an obesity epidemic going around and we’ve got to do something about it, quick! It’s been assumed that the winning solution is to eat less and exercise more. But have we even agreed on the problem? Is fat really all that bad? Better Health is Only a Liposuction Away We have assumed that being lazy leads to fatness and fatness leads to sickness…but is it true? The reasoning behind coercing all us fatties to lose weight is under the guise of better health. But it turns out that blaming fatness for sickness is a view unsupported by scientific literature. Somewhere along the lines, the correlation between weight and illness was fabricated and we’ve been believing it ever since. And I know what you’re thinking: what about heart disease? What about diabetes? Well, if losing weight actually healed these diseases, wouldn’t liposuction do the job? Turns out it doesn’t. So there must be something else going on here. The Great Fat Conspiracy In Big Fat Lies, author Joey Lott takes on the big (no pun intended) beast of the so-called “obesity epidemic,” questioning everything we’ve come to assume about fatness. He goes on to bust apart prevailing food myths and breaks down the theory that fat is bad, one calorie at a time. The book begs the question: might the diseases we’re attributing to weight gain actually be attributed to other facts, like psychological stress, insufficient sleep, radiation exposure, pharmaceutical drugs, and environmental chemical exposure, all of which have increased over the last few decades? Perhaps excess fat (and the “excess” is even debatable) is merely a symptom and not a problem unto itself. This is a must-read for anyone questioning mainstream beliefs about health, weight, and the future of humanity.

Author: Joey Lott
ISBN: 9781518666483
Pages: 100 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 16.16 Mb


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