The Little Book of Diet Help : Lose Weight-Without Losing Your Mind – Kimberly Willis

The Little Book of Diet Help : Lose Weight-Without Losing Your Mind

“The perfect companion to any diet regimen a simple, accessible guide to shedding excess pounds for good, by helping you shift your attitudes towards food, your body, and yourself.The truth is, diets don’t work or, at least, their results don’t last.When we diet, we’re so consumed by what we can’t eat that we don’t focus on how we eat, and on how eating makes us feel. Kimberly Willis, a wellness therapist, knows that the only way to maintain long term weight loss is to make deep, fundamental changesin the way that you think about and relate to food, your feelings, and your figure.The Little Book of Diet Help is for everyone who thinks they know how to lose weight but still can’t seem to shed those extra pounds. With this book you’ll learn:· How to break down negative emotional links to food· Why certain foods affect your body and your mood· What your bad eating habits look like and how to create new, improved ones· How to distinguish between physical and emotional hungerIn easy to understand language, Kimberly explains why diets wreak havoc with your brain, and why learning to minimize your stress levels will automatically help you to eat better and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Mixed with these resonant facts are tried-and-true acupressure and hypnosis exercises, as well as soothing meditations that can steer you away from a food craving or boost your mood when you’re feeling down.This is not a diet program, it’s a diet helper; whether you’re on Atkins, The 17 Day Diet, or simply trying to cut down on sweets. It’s a book you can jump into and out of at any time and that wants you to feel good and look great. It’s tough love truths combined with inspiration and encouragement, and it’s an essential resource for anyonelooking to keep that excess weight off for good”–

Author: Kimberly Willis
ISBN: 9781451660692
Pages: 192 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 28.28 Mb


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