Flat Belly Diet! For Men : Real Food, Real Men, Real Flat Abs – Liz Vaccariello

Flat Belly Diet! For Men : Real Food, Real Men, Real Flat Abs

Men want flat bellies, too. “The Flat Belly Diet!” was the first book to put into practice new research that monounsaturated fatty acids (or MUFAs) may target stubborn belly fat – a problem area for men as well as women, especially as they get older. Many of the leading causes of death for men, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, are associated with excess belly fat. Now the author of “Flat Belly Diet!” has teamed up with a prominent registered dietician and former restaurateur to adapt this effective eating plan for men’s needs and appetites. In addition to MUFAs, the diet incorporates protein to boost testosterone and fibre to keep hungry men satisfied. Calorie levels are also adjusted so that men can lose weight without feeling hungry. The book includes: quick meals and recipes for men on the go; strategies to deal with weight-loss challenges like stress and boredom; and, an optional exercise program designed to give men six-pack abs. “The Flat Belly Diet!” has already helped more than one million dieters lose weight around their middles; now the “Flat Belly Diet! For Men!” brings this revolutionary plan to a whole new audience.

Author: Liz Vaccariello
ISBN: 9781605294605
Pages: 320 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 27.28 Mb


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