Re-Organize Your Diet : And Improve Your Life – Ortile Ortile

Re-Organize Your Diet : And Improve Your Life

A nutrition manual for simple consultation, which allows to chose the most appropriate nutrition regime to each one of us. Do you want to improve your life? To eat in a healthy way is the first step to improve ourselves and our lives, but it has nowadays become more complicated than one might think. TV advises and encourages us to buy certain products because defined -healthy-. But are they really? In this book you will find: – an exhaustive list of all food to consume daily, weekly and monthly. – the answers to chose the nutrition regime that fits us best. – the reason why an excessive consumption of animal protein can be harmful, and which is the advised proportion. – how to line out a balanced vegan diet and how to substitute product of animal origin. – the -instructions- and advices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. – a collection of simple, fast and vegetarian recipes. – 9 challenges that will help us to improve our diet, because if you improve your diet, you improve your life

Author: Ortile Ortile
ISBN: 9788885356740
Format: PDF
Size: 13.34 Mb


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