Double Crossed : A Review of the Most Extreme Exercise Program – Dr Sean M Wells

Double Crossed : A Review of the Most Extreme Exercise Program

A must read for anyone thinking about joining an extreme exercise program. Double Crossed: A Review of the Most Extreme Exercise Program takes a deep exploration into the dangers of one of the fastest growing exercise company’s methodology and offers research-based solutions and industry-specific tips so you can be informed to take control of your health. -Learn how this company makes money which can put your health at risk -Avoid rhabdomyolysis (rhabdo), a severe full body muscle breakdown that has placed people in hospitals around the world -Avoid life altering injuries – one man even severed his spinal cord during competition in an extreme exercise program -Insider tips on how to assess which trainer and gym is the right for you so you can meet your goals safely over your lifespan I originally published this book in June 2014 with the intent of educating the masses of the risk of a fast-growing extreme exercise program. In my first edition I cited current research, anecdotal evidence, and provided scientific theory as to how a specific extreme exercise program could seriously harm you. Can this program help you? Sure. You can lose weight, gain muscle mass, but most exercise specialists across the world are asking: at what cost? I am happy to say it only took 4 months for my book to scare this company’s legal and business team into finding a way to stop me. I cannot name the name of the exercise program for their legal team will likely shut down my printing company on grounds of trademark infringement as they did in October 2014. If you are picking up this book and are still unsure of the company’s name, I am positive you can infer it from the title “Double-Crossed.” If you still are struggling at identifying this extreme exercise program, buy the book so you can avoid being “Crossed” to get “Fit.” Praise for Double Crossed: -“I want my patients to be fit and in great shape now but also to avoid serious injury that can derail lifelong activity. Double-Crossed is a must read for anyone who wants to get in shape and stay there.” Caroline J Cederquist, M.D. Author the MD Factor Diet -“Supported by an extensive academic and patient health care background in sports medicine and exercise science, Dr. Wells has reviewed the available literature and reveals the need for further examination of CrossFit(R). He provides practical information for those seeking a path to life-long physical activity and exercise.” Joel Beam, EdD, ATC, LAT, University of North Florida -“If you are new to CrossFit(R), this book should be a required reading. Dr. Wells has done an amazing job with this book, crafting a healthy mix of educational theory and real world experience to help deliver the take home message – be healthy, be safe and remember nothing happens overnight” David Pearson, Physical Therapist, New York Mets

Author: Dr Sean M Wells
ISBN: 9780990435822
Format: PDF
Size: 12.09 Mb


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