Natures Super Seven Medicines (Trade Version) – John Heinerman

Natures Super Seven Medicines (Trade Version)

In Dr. John Heinerman’s latest health-giving guide, the best-selling alternative health author and medical anthropologist shares natural treatments and tips from his research around the world. From the teachings of traditional Chinese doctors to the healing secrets of Mayan medicine men, Dr. Heinerman passes on remarkably effective prescriptions from folk healers and medical practitioners for using the powers of seven common foods and herbs to relieve everything from allergies to yeast infections. These natural, gentle, and proven-effective Super Seven Medicines will turn back the clock for rejuvenated health, energy, and vitality. And they’re safe, inexpensive, and easily found in your supermarket, local health food store, or even your backyard garden.

Author: John Heinerman
ISBN: 9780138577315
Pages: 288 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 23.47 Mb


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