Gluten Free for Beginners : Go Gluten Free and Maximize Your Health and Longevity – Jim Berry

Gluten Free for Beginners : Go Gluten Free and Maximize Your Health and Longevity

The gluten free diet is a specifically formulated diet prescribed by doctors to people who are suffering from the Celiac disease as well as those with gluten intolerance. The diet merely relieves the symptoms and makes the conditions highly manageable allowing the patients to live normal lives. Both the celiac disease and gluten intolerance are not really life threatening but they are downright distressing and cuts your productivity tremendously. What really triggered the gluten free dieting craze were the numerous and well publicized testimonials by quite a number of famous celebrities attesting to the beneficial effects of the diet – more prominent of them is pop singer Miley Cyrus who even exhorted her more than 4 million Twitter followers to go gluten free like her. With celebrity endorsements appearing left and right on entertainment tabloids complete with their before and after pictures showing their slim figures as proof of the diet’s efficacy, it was a matter of time before scads of their non-celiac and non-gluten-sensitive followers followed suit giving birth to a $5 billion gluten free processed food industry. With 2/3 of the American population said to be either obese or overweight, the gluten free diet is like a breath of fresh air for many of them and the much publicized celebrity endorsements of the gluten free diet becoming seemingly like bolts of lightning – sparking a fiery and spontaneous response from a receptive audience already primed to pounce on anything that will give them relief for their weight problems. The ideal gluten free diet must also be a low carb, high protein diet derived from unprocessed food sources that are as natural and organic as they can be. The book is about developing the ideal, well balanced, gluten free diet that will help individuals shed weight without the need of counting calories.

Author: Jim Berry
ISBN: 9781508912767
Pages: 94 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 12.55 Mb


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