Basques of Boise – Colleen Asumendi Fillmore

Basques of Boise

Concerns in the USA about nourishment and dietary intake are significantly different today. Dietitians agree food habits relating to tradition, customs, behavior, culture and environment must continue to be studied to achieve advances in public health. One unique ethnic group with insufficient research relating to the healthiness of their cultural dietary intake is the Boise Idaho Basques. The purpose of this book was to explore their dietary culture and traditions. The research findings will add to the multicultural and ethnic dietary intake studies addressing the cultural aspects of food intended to bring awareness to the field of ethnic dietary intake and how the Boise Basque diet fits with the latest nutrition research. This ethnographic study assesses the cause of multicultural behaviors relating to food and nutrition, it is apparent this ethnic group has been largely identified by the foods their community has consumed for hundreds of years. Heritage, customs and traditions were found to be the core explanation of the dietary behaviors. A portrayal of how powerful the beliefs and culture of a society are can be seen when it comes to the behavior of the community observed.

Author: Colleen Asumendi Fillmore
ISBN: 9783639039467
Pages: 100 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 17.30 Mb


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