Student Video DVD for Professional Foundations for Massage Therapists – Patricia J. Benjamin

Student Video DVD for Professional Foundations for Massage Therapists

Professional Foundations focuses on the broader picture of massage therapy as a meaningful career, and the social, communication, and reasoning competencies needed for success in the field. It approaches massage therapy education as a holistic process acknowledging the need for developing personal as well as professional proficiencies. Topics include massage as a wellness profession, work settings, professionalism, social and communications skills, goal-oriented planning and documentation, therapeutic relationship and business ethics, and building a massage therapy practice including getting a job and developing a private practice. While there are competitive books on specific topics, such as business management in massage, ethics, and documentation, Professional Foundations for Massage Therapists is the only book on the market that puts all of these important topics together under one cover! With its unique four color interior and a video CD-ROM, this is a must have reference book for any massage therapist.

Author: Patricia J. Benjamin
ISBN: 9780131717367
Pages: 400 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 16.17 Mb


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