Fat-free Truth – Liz Neporent

Fat-free Truth

Atkins works! Eat grapefruit–shed weight! Pilates gives you “long, lean muscles–no bulk!” Each day we are bombarded with conflicting fitness information, promises, and advice–from the Internet, magazines, books, TV, advertising, experts, trainers, coaches, friends. But how do you know whom you can trust? In The Fat-Free Truth, Liz Neporent and Suzanne Schlosberg cut through the noise, synthesize the literature, and get to the truth by providing 239 accurate, straight-shooting answers to America’s most pressing fitness and weight-loss questions. No one understands the excess of misinformation out there better than Liz and Suzanne. For ten years, Suzanne has written Shape’s “Weight Loss Q&A,” the most popular column in the country’s largest fitness magazine. Liz fields weekly questions as the “Fit by Friday” columnist for iVillage, the leading Internet site for women’s issues. Together they receive more than a thousand questions a month from people nationwide. Frank, funny, and endlessly informative, The Fat-Free Truth assembles in one place everything you really need to know to get fit and stay fit–and to keep your sanity while doing so.

Author: Liz Neporent
ISBN: 9780618310739
Pages: 352 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 15.92 Mb


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