Walking the Walk : Getting Fit with Faith – Leslie Sansone

Walking the Walk : Getting Fit with Faith

In response to requests from her fans, Leslie provides a faith-based exercise program to allow readers to break free of bad mental and physical habits and create a life of health, meaning, and fulfillment. This easy-to-follow 30-day program includes:* A DVD featuring a full walk routine to up-tempo inspirational favorites (such as “Amazing Grace”). * 30 days of daily walks that help readers slowly build stamina and burn calories at a comfortable level. * “Walking for Other Reasons” daily reflections on scriptural quotes that reaffirm spiritual and social commitment to physical health. * Weekly self-exploration tools for identifying one’s dreams and goals and acting on them. * Fit Facts that explain the basics of weight loss and nutrition. * “Success with Spirit” testimonies from some of the millions of women who have achieved success in walking off the pounds with Leslie. * and much more! Filled with faith-based inspiration for long term weight loss, WALKING THE WALK is designed to give readers a tool they will truly use, with information and steps broken into manageable chunks, presented in an appealing and unintimidating style.

Author: Leslie Sansone
ISBN: 9780446581042
Pages: 272 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 27.10 Mb


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