Apple Cider Vinegar : A Modern Folk Remedy – Daniel P Kray

Apple Cider Vinegar : A Modern Folk Remedy

FROM THE FOUNDER OF EARTH CLINIC AND THE ENTIRE EARTH CLINIC COMMUNITYWe all want that magic elixir to cure every ill and make us into that perfect picture of health. This isn’t it. Nothing can cure everything. But what if there was something that would at least improve every area of your overall health? A simple addition that nudges every system in the right direction, getting us on track and our bodies humming along?Apple Cider Vinegar is that simple thing. It is the one thing to make every other thing perform better, a natural remedy that helps the body work as the efficient, virtually indestructible unit we were as children. Thousands of reports and centuries of therapeutic use have shown that Apple Cider Vinegar can: * Improve cardiovascular health and vascular function.* Kick-start your metabolism for more and better energy.* Improve nutritional digestion, nutrient uptake and use.* Relieve digestive upsets.* Trigger weight loss and reduce those constant hungry feelings.* Naturally improve skin tone, clarity, and appearance.* Reduce or eliminate painful symptoms and conditions of all kinds.Proof of all these positive effects comes from contributors to the community, ranking for years among the world’s most popular and trusted websites. At Earth Clinic, medical experts and everyday people collaborate to discover the truth about natural health supplements, and this is the best all-around remedy we have ever found.Apple Cider Vinegar can be that simple addition to your life and diet that gets you back to the glowing health of youth.

Author: Daniel P Kray
ISBN: 9780982896334
Pages: 130 pages
Format: PDF
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