An Outline of the Pirquet System of Nutrition – Dr Clemens Pirquet

An Outline of the Pirquet System of Nutrition

From the INTRODUCTION. In the years 1917-1919 I published my new System of Nutrition in four volumes. It is written in German and is rather too large for medical practitioners, as it contains many detailed protocols of the scientific material upon which the system is based. When I was invited to be a Silliman Lecturer at Yale University in the winter of 1921-1922 several of my lectures on Modern Pediatrics were on this subject of nutrition, and I was asked by many friends to prepare a short book in English which would contain the principal facts and the practical application of the system. I have used these lectures as a basis for the present book and have added a complete bibliography of the subject from the years 1917-1922, the nem values of the principal food-stuffs, and a table of Pelidisi Indices….

Author: Dr Clemens Pirquet
ISBN: 9781547151349
Pages: 96 pages
Format: PDF
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