Healthy Cooking Recipes : Eating Clean and Green Juices – Elida Adolphson

Healthy Cooking Recipes : Eating Clean and Green Juices

Healthy Cooking Recipes: Eating Clean and Green Juices The Healthy Cooking Recipes book covers two diet plans, the Green Juice Diet and the Eating Clean Diet. Both of the health meal plans offer easy healthy recipes and makes preparing healthy foods to eat a breeze by following the recipe directions. You have enough quick healthy recipes to make plan healthy meals for weeks in advance. If your goal is to cook healthy meals you have a wide variety of healthy food recipes in this book. The first section of the Healthy Cooking Recipes book is on the Green Juice Diet with these chapters: What is the Green Juice Diet, Common Green Juice Diet Myths, Benefits of the Green Juice Diet, Helpful Tips for Dieting Success, Delicious and Nutritious Green Juice Recipes, and Your 7 Day Green Juicing Diet Meal Plan.

Author: Elida Adolphson
ISBN: 9781630228934
Pages: 202 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 27.53 Mb


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