Psoriasis – Staying Clear : The Healthy Alternative – Leonie F Mateer

Psoriasis - Staying Clear : The Healthy Alternative

Leonie Mateer continues her journey of staying psoriasis free with her new book “Psoriasis -Staying Clear. The Healthy Alternative.” Her experience over the past two years of having successfully cleared her skin of psoriasis has inspired her to share her knowledge of how she maintains her healthy skin on a daily basis with pertinent researched topics, tips, blogs and recipes. A great follow-up to her previous successful book “Psoriasis – The Simple Cure -Who Knew? And a must read or all psoriasis sufferers looking for a healthy way to obtain and maintain clear skin. A comprehensive collection of her “tried and true” healthy recommendations, articles, tips and blogs for clearing psoriasis include: – Alkaline/Acidic Food Chart -Psoriasis – Before and After -The “No No'” List of Acidic Foods -How to test your pH levels -Baking Soda and Psoriasis -Moisturize for clear, healthy skin -Liquid Chlorophyll – the green healer -Traveling with Psoriasis -10 Best Tips for Healing Psoriasis -Psoriasis Foods – What Heals? And much more…. Ms. Mateer was a psoriasis sufferer for over twenty-five years. Red scaly plaques and spots covered 75% of her body – until she found a healthy alternative for “staying clear” of this disfiguring and socially embarrassing skin condition.

Author: Leonie F Mateer
ISBN: 9780998701448
Format: PDF
Size: 23.89 Mb


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