Pure Alkaline Fruit Water : 40 Plus Fruit Water Recipes – Byron Lovings

Pure Alkaline Fruit Water : 40 Plus Fruit Water Recipes

This book is a short but pleasant water recipe book that deals with fruit water recipes. It explores the fruit water concept of healing the human body. This jewel is very illustrative and detailed and is with beautiful images. The fruit water recipes are surprisingly delicious, yet very simple to make. Though this book is health conscious, it is a very comfortable read. It peacefully informs throughout, it is forthright, and the source is trusted immediately. This gem explains the health benefits of staying hydrated, and it makes clear the health risk of being dehydrated. It informs on how to become a healthier person, naturally. It teaches the concept of how to increase your energy through pure alkaline nontoxic water. It teaches how to increase your water intake and how to decrease deadly acids and toxins in the body.

Author: Byron Lovings
ISBN: 9781504907316
Pages: 58 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 24.37 Mb


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