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Muscular Christianity : 90 Day Workout Plan

Fitness is a multi-billion dollar industry because most people love the idea of being in shape. The problem is that most wind up pursuing their fitness goals rather than realizing them because they rarely bother to reinforce their resolve with something that is greater than themselves. Athletes and military personnel are great examples of how individuals will train harder for the sake of the uniform they’re wearing and the flag they’re flying than they will when the only thing that is at stake is the way their pants fit. And while it’s true in sports and the armed forces, it’s also a Reality that you’ll find in Scripture. As believers, we are commanded to pursue a standard of excellence in everything we do in order to promote the Reality and the Power of our King (Matt 5:16; Col 3:17). When you deploy that Truth as a philosophical starting point for whatever it is that you’re getting ready to do, your perspective, your resolve and your energy are no longer founded on however the task at hand resonates as either glamorous or mundane. It is now one of the multitude of moments that God intentionally threaded together to form your life before you were even conceived and is therefore deserving of your best effort. This is a game-changer and it applies to everything including what you do in the context of physical fitness. “Muscular Christianity: 90 Day Workout Plan” is crafted by a former Marine. Physically, you’re going to be a pointless puddle of perspiration 5-6 days out of the week. You’re going to be training harder than you ever have before and you’re going to be learning the difference between eating “light” and eating “right.” And all of this is going to be executed under the heading of discipleship where you’re making your King look good by excelling in everything you do, think and say. And while you’re getting leaner and stronger physically, you’ll also be training spiritually in the context of 90 days worth of interactive devotionals that will help you be able toexplain what you believe and why you believe itapply the True Muscle of Christ in all things, not just church-related activitieslearn how to truly advance by operating in a way where it’s not about you Spiritually Ripped. Physically Fit. Fully Equipped. Are you ready? Buckle up! (for testimonials and more information head out to and

Author: Mr Bruce David Gust
ISBN: 9781500118631
Pages: 344 pages
Format: PDF
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