Wrestling with Yoga : Journey of a Jewish Soul – Shelly Dembe

Wrestling with Yoga : Journey of a Jewish Soul

The sparkling, gently humorous and always deeply thoughtful story of Shelly Dembe’s journey as an evolving Jew: a young mom, free spirit, empty-nester and nurse who eventually traded the ICU for a yoga studio-only to find that the inner peace her soul sought in yoga was present in her Jewish faith all along. As she learns more about her Jewish faith, she shares her delight at discovering new ways to rejoice and honor the beauty of everyday life, and her discomfort with excesses that challenge both yogic and Jewish beliefs. She offers practical, judgement-free suggestions that help those of any faith undertake their own spiritual journeys. Editorial Reviews Rabbi Simon Jacobson, author, “Toward a Meaningful Life” “In our bizarre times, spiritual seekers find truths in many places. For Jews in particular, whose souls are especially hungry, this presents a challenge and an opportunity: how to reconcile various paths with the rich tradition of our Jewish heritage. In Wrestling with Yoga, Shelly Dembe has done a great service in sharing her unique story, revealing the struggle of a Jewish soul learning to navigate between spiritual disciplines and finding peace as a Jew. Her extraordinary mosaic uncovers deeper truths in Judaism.” Susan Berrin, Editor-in-Chief, Sh’ma: A Journal of Jewish Responsibility: “A beautiful and honest exploration of her own practice of yoga and Judaism. A portrait of an examined life where curiosity is an essential value. Crisp and clear, inviting readers to walk with her toward a more spiritually fulfilling and balanced life.” Shimona Tzukernik, The Kabbalah Coach: “Her clarity and humility are a testament to the mindfulness and courageous search for truth that underscore her life and the book her journey has produced. She outlines her battle and her awakenings and inspires each of us to wrestle with our own blind spots and move into the light.” Edi Pasalis, Associate Director, Institute for Extraordinary Living, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health: “A clearly told reflection on how the practice of yoga can inspire us to see under the surface of our religious traditions and lead a life of deep and sacred connection.” Rochelle L. Millen, PhD, Professor of Religion, Wittenberg University: “Engrossing, delightful memoir of an unusual journey to Jewish tradition through the melding of two cultures.” An excerpt from “Wrestling With Yoga” “Long before I discovered the daily Jewish practice of formal prayer, I probed into the pockets of gurus, looking for goodies. As a chocoholic rampages through cupboards to uncover a morsel of the sweet dark stuff, I too wanted my fix. You know the feeling: full but not satisfied. You eat everything but dessert, and then, finally throwing your hands up, you give in and just have what you tried so hard to resist. Then, at last, you can move on. Well, I wanted that feeling of satiety in my life. I remember attending a meditation class at a very large yoga conference. Before this class, I always told myself that meditation was out of the question. I just could not do it. I would never be one of those people who could just sit and empty my mind. But here I was, in a conference room of 100 students ready to prove myself wrong.”

Author: Shelly Dembe
ISBN: 9781500751074
Pages: 192 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 28.46 Mb


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