Unmasked : Becoming a Real Woman in a Fake World – Jenn Hecker

Unmasked : Becoming a Real Woman in a Fake World

“I’ve faked my way through life as The Happy Fat Kid, The Perfect Daughter, The Perfect Girlfriend, The Party Girl, and others to hide the pain and shame of my lack of self worth. But Unmasked – Becoming a Real Woman in a Fake World is so much more than my life story. Unmasked chronicles my journey of self-discovery and rebirth as I shed masks of insecurity that I’ve worn since I was ten years old.” –Jenn Hecker Are you tired of faking it? Are you brave enough to get Unmasked? Baring her soul, Jenn Hecker draws you along on the most difficult journey of her life. Motivated after weight-loss surgery, she shares how even more than shedding pounds, stripping away the masks she’s worn all her life helped her overcome self-doubt to unveil the real woman within. Each month Revealing Question, 21-Day Challenge, and Where I Go for Help sections inspire and support your own transformation while helping you develop a positive self-image and lay a foundation for building healthy relationships. You don’t have to take the journey alone. Connect with Jenn and other women working to shed their masks on the Unmasked VIPs Private Facebook Group. Want to record your own journey to confident self-revelation? Get the Unmasked: Becoming A Real Woman in a Fake World Journal. Follow themes from the book to answer questions, journal your thoughts, and write your goals and achievements as you peel away the masks that hide your true worth. Buy now online or at your favorite bookseller. For more from Jenn Hecker visit www.jennhecker.com.

Author: Jenn Hecker
ISBN: 9780997684605
Pages: 102 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 29.13 Mb


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