Eat It Later. Mastering Self Control & the Slimming Power of Postponement – Michael Alvear

Eat It Later. Mastering Self Control & the Slimming Power of Postponement

It’s Not A Diet To Follow. It’s A Habit To Form. Start using proven psychological strategies that reduce cravings, eliminate overeating, “shrink” your stomach, stop mindless eating and help you eat in moderation. – Cut Up To 90% Of Your Snacking Without Feeling Cheated. Stop mindless eating. Use “Habituation” and “Systematic Desensitization” to dramatically cut how much you eat without feeling deprived. Psychologists use these treatments to get people off Vicodin and Xanax. Imagine how well they work on chips and cookies. – Control Your Cravings With Delayed Gratification Techniques That Teach Discipline Without Suffering. Based on famed psychologist Walter Mischel’s “Marshmallow” experiments, they will painlessly help you master self-control. – Eat Healthier Without Forcing Yourself To Eat What You Don’t Like. Use the “Nutrilicious” concept to make healthier choices without sacrificing taste or preferences. This book is about how I lost 14 pounds and 2 waist sizes and kept it off for 25 years without ever going on a diet. Inspired by Walter Mischel’s iconic The Marshmallow Test, Eat It Later is a science-based, psychological approach to forming eating habits that result in weight loss. It chronicles how I did it and lays out a plan for how you can too. Learn Techniques For Eating Less Without Feeling Deprived. Today, I don’t eat three Oreos at a sitting and force myself from the table, biting my fist and longing for the 16 I used to eat. I am as satisfied with three as I used to be with 16. Habituation, desensitization and delayed gratification techniques stopped my mindless eating and painlessly “shrank” my stomach so that I could eat much smaller portions without feeling cheated or deprived. Like most people, I thought, “eating in moderation” was code for “you’ll never feel full again.” I thought portion control meant pain management. I thought volume reduction meant perpetual dissatisfaction. I was wrong. If you make the kind of tiny, systematic reductions I show you in this book, your body will adapt to the new normal without any pain or suffering. Learn The Keys To Self-Control. You are not going to get a list of foods to eat or avoid. Or recipes or meal suggestions. I am not going to ask you to count calories, fat, carbs or sugar. I am not going to propose some wild new theory about weight gain. I am simply going to show you how to permanently change the amount of food you eat. And to do it with strategies identified by researchers and psychologists as the keys to self-control-habituation, systematic desensitization and delayed gratification techniques. Ever Finish A Bagel And Say, “Why Did I Eat It-I Wasn’t That Hungry?” You do that because you don’t have an intuitive eating system that separates no/low cravings from high cravings. Eat It Later shows you mindful eating techniques that take about 3 seconds to separate low from medium and high cravings. Say Goodbye To Will Power Fatigue. Diets force you to white-knuckle your way through 5-alarm cravings and leave the table feeling hungry and deprived. But with habituation, desensitization and delayed gratification techniques you will never experience will power fatigue because there is nothing to be fatigued about-you will have what you like but through an intuitive eating mindset. You Don’t Need To Diet If You Change Your Eating Habits. Eat It Later is about forming habits that allow indulgence, not deprivation. It’s about joyfully, artfully self-regulating so that you can eat what you want without gaining weight. There is no such thing as a food you can’t or shouldn’t have in your journey to well-being. There is only how much and how frequently you can have them.

Author: Michael Alvear
ISBN: 9780989139786
Pages: 166 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 22.15 Mb


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