Relaxation for Dummies – Shamash Alidina

Relaxation for Dummies

New ways to embrace relaxation every day! Relaxation For Dummies provides a straightforward guide to understanding the importance of relaxation in our readers’ day-to-day lives. Covering a variety of simple relaxation techniques, including meditation, breathing techniques, hypnotherapy, guided imagery and yoga, this book shows readers how to use physical and emotional relaxation to combat a range of issues including stress, anxiety, phobias and fears. The book is accompanied by an audio CD that provides accompanying relaxation exercises for readers to follow. Relaxation For Dummies: * Shows readers how to understand the meaning of relaxation * Provides relaxation strategies to help you take it easy * Teaches the benefits of healthy breathing * Allows the reader to harness the powers of Yoga and Tai Chi to increase well-being Note: CD files are available to download when buying the e-Book version

Author: Shamash Alidina
ISBN: 9781119999096
Pages: 398 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 10.04 Mb


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