Clean Simple Eats : Women’s Lose & Lean – Erika Britt Peterson

Clean Simple Eats : Women's Lose & Lean

Erika is the face and the genius behind @cleansimpleeats. Her 40 Day Challenges have rocked the typical dieting scene for a few reasons. 1. Each meal plan has a balanced macronutrient ratio which yields incredible short term results and long term sustainability. Each plan is right at a 40/30/30 split (Carb/Protein/Fat). 2. All calories have been counted. No more logging calories and wasting time. She’s done all the work for you. You will know exactly how many calories you will consume each day through the entire plan. 3. Real food tastes best! Erika takes a whole food approach to each plan. You will find yourself wondering if the food you’re eating really is clean! Her recipes are that good.

Author: Erika Britt Peterson
ISBN: 9781537369624
Pages: 84 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 20.62 Mb


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